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Benefits of Gymnastics for Your Child

Gymnastics can contribute significantly to your child's physical and mental health. As children progress through the program, they become stronger, more confident, and flexible, and develop a sense of determination. These skills are not just limited to the gym but can also be applied in their daily lives.

Pre-School Gymnastics

Is your little one between 9 months to 4 years and already on the move? At MEGA, we offer a specialized class just for preschoolers! Join us to help your child improve their fine and gross motor skills, strengthen their muscles, and increase their range of motion. Our program also enhances listening skills, develops turn-taking and encourages following directions, all while fostering self-confidence and promoting a safe, enjoyable environment. You can trust our instructors to nurture your child and encourage positive fitness habits from a young age.


Gymnastics & Tumbling Classes

Our gymnastics and tumbling classes cater to children at every skill level – whether they're jumping and rolling or flipping and balancing on the beam. Our developmental program offers various levels to accommodate your child's current skill set. Our attentive coaches work closely with each child to help them improve their existing skills and learn new techniques to build their confidence both on and off the mat.

If you're unsure about which level is the right fit for your child, don't worry! Our coaches are always available to recommend the best starting point.


Joining our gymnastics competition team is a great way to help your child develop qualities such as confidence, self-discipline, and a strong work ethic. Our approach emphasizes the importance of excellent basics, proper form, technique, conditioning, and flexibility. We believe that a solid foundation will enable your child to progress smoothly and safely from one skill to the next.

Our experienced coaches will assist in determining the appropriate level of competitive gymnastics for your child. We are currently competing in both the Kansas City League and USAG Xcel Program.

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